Disposing of your garden waste in Leicestershire


Garden waste varies across the county of Leicestershire. If you’re deciding to move from one area of Leicestershire to another, you’ll find garden waste disposal methods could change significantly. Here’s a short guide to garden waste disposal across Leicester and Leicestershire.

Garden waste in Leicester City

Leicester City Council are responsible for all aspects of waste management within the City and the surrounding area. In order to have your garden waste collected in Leicester, you need to sign up to an annual subscription at a cost of £45 (or £40 if you pay by direct debit). You can also ask for additional bins at a cost of £20 per bin. The garden waste bins are green in colour.

There are fortnightly collections between March and November, where all garden waste including grass cuttings, leaves and small twigs are collected. Depending on your area within the City, the waste will be collected between Tuesday and Wednesday, or Thursday or Friday.

There is also a bulk garden waste collection service which can be used to dispose your garden waste for a one off payment.

Disposal of garden waste in Hinckley & Bosworth

Slightly cheaper than Leicester City Council, Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council introduced a £24 charge for using a brown bin (garden waste bin) in 2015. The charge for brown bins was very unpopular amongst residents who were not being charged to have garden waste removed previously. The decision was made after Leicestershire County Council pulled out of funding for garden waste, meaning that residents needed to foot the bill.

Collections are all year long, fortnightly. When signing up to the brown bin collection, you will receive a sticker through the post to put onto the bin to say you have paid in full. Around the Borough garden waste is collected on various days, please check your local area by inputting your postcode.

Garden waste disposal in Charnwood (Loughborough)

With similar problems to Hinckley and Bosworth, Loughborough also has a charge for using a brown waste bin. The cost is £28 per year, or £37 per year if not paying by direct debit. They also provide stickers to show if you have renewed the service. As well as grass cuttings and leaves, the brown bin collections cover a variety of other garden waste including Flowers, Weeds and old house-plants, Raw fruit and vegetables that have been grown in the garden as well as hedge trimmings and small twigs (up to 50mm).

Garden waste disposal services

At Map Waste disposal we can dispose of any waste type necessary. If you are a commercial customer, we can offer an affordable solution for your garden waste management. Whilst the councils brown or green garden waste bins might offer a short term solution, we can provide a comprehensive solution and collection dates that suit you.