Leicester City Council Bulky Waste Collection Program


The local authorities in the Leicester City Council are undertaking measures to assist residents with disposal of their bulky waste items as well as revising rubbish removal tactics to reuse and recycle various items. Every household in Leicester is granted one collection of up to five bulky waste items in a two month period. In addition to this, up to fifteen items of garden waste may also be collected within the same two month period.

Scheduling a collection to remove your waste


To schedule a collection, simply fill out a collection form on the Leicester City Council website or call directly at 0116 454 1002 to speak to a customer service rep. You will be advised of a date for the disposal of your bulky waste items. Be sure to have your items stationed at an accessible space on the edge of your property by at least 7am on the scheduled date.

If you have any discrepancies with the steps listed above, call the aforementioned number. This includes needing assistance with moving your items to the edge of your property or to let the collection know you have more than five items to dispose of. If the latter is the case, you will be charged for every extra item you have.
When making a collection booking with the council, take note of any furniture items that could be reused. The Council is doing a Pass It On scheme through the Revenue and Benefits department which aims to donate reusable furniture to those in need. If you have any pieces of reusable furniture, let a customer service rep know when you make your collection booking via the number above. They will need to verify if the items fit within the requirements of the Pass It On scheme. Any furniture you choose to donate must have a fire safety label attached, otherwise the item will not be considered for donation and will have to be disposed of through the bulky waste collection service.

Restrictions on the type of waste being disposed

There are restrictions on the types of bulky waste and garden items that will be accepted for collection. Hazardous waste such as vehicle batteries and paint, along with any brick rubble, trees, pruned branches, and soil will not be accepted. These items must be taken to and disposed of at the Household Waste and Recycling Centre. Waste that will not be accepted by either the Council collection service or the Household Waste and Recycling Centre include commercial or trade waste, waste from property refurbishing, and glass.