Resident Furious at Leicester City Council Response to Waste Bins in the Street


According to a comment in last weeks Leicester Mercury, one particular resident of the Westcotes/West End area of Leicester is ‘Furious at lack of action on this filth’. The Leicester City resident identified that the city council released a statement back in January 2014 saying that it would tackle the issue with waste disposal bins being left out in the street in their area. But at the time of writing, weeks later, nothing had been done.

waste disposal leicesterThe disgruntled resident went on to identify the problem being due to the fact that many of the other residents of the area in which she lives, have no financial investment in their properties and many are students. As a result, they are not interested in keeping the streets free from litter and rubbish, which includes; fast food wrappers, bottles, old furniture and assorted household waste.
The resident offered an invite to anyone to visit her area, but warned of the the un-repaired storm-damaged branches, flooded areas (due to the drains being so clogged up), piles of dog excrement and broken glass, as well as the large waste disposal receptacles blocking the pathway.

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Of course Map Waste sympathise with the lady who made these remarks, as we would all like to live in clean and healthy environment.