How to Deal With the Storage of Waste During the Summer Months


It is our collective responsibility to ensure that waste is managed effectively. Waste management is crucial in ensuring that the environment stays clean. A clean environment also means that human beings’ and animals’ health do not get compromised.

However, during summer or extremely hot weather, waste management can be quite challenging since hot conditions prompt fast decomposition, especially when dealing with organic waste. Storing this kind of waste over long periods can lead to a strong odor making it uncomfortable for those living or working around. There are also risks of the melting of items such as medications and other chemicals that could cause serious harm if wrongly disposed.

To prevent this from happening, how do we deal with the storage of waste during summer? Here are a few hacks.

Use Scented Rubbish Bags

Instead of the regular waste bags, consider using scented rubbish bags. They significantly reduce odor discharged from the waste, thus keeping the environment fresh and odor-free until the next pick up day. Although it may cost you a few extra pennies, it is important to invest in high-quality bin liners that are strong and thick enough. It will not only make it easier for you to handle the waste, but it is also good for the environment.

Don’t Mix the Waste

It is important always to put the waste separately to avoid contamination and also because different waste decomposes at different rates. For instance, due to the high risks of contamination it poses, medical waste should be handled separately. At no point should it be mixed with other waste material to protect those handling it and make it easy to get rid of it. On the other hand, organic waste, such as kitchen waste and garden remains, decomposes faster than other wastes, especially with high temperatures. Because of that, ensure that a local waste management company can pick up the rubbish at least twice a week.

Always Keep the Bins Tightly Sealed

Keeping wheelie bins sealed not only keeps the odour locked in; it also ensures that the waste remains don’t attract wild animals who would scatter the decomposing waste and litter the place. They could also get severe complications if the waste were contaminated. Keeping the bin sealed also prevent flies and other insects from hovering around the rubbish since they can easily spread the germs back to your home. You wouldn’t want that!